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The earth’s population has skyrocketed and the list of good boys and girls has become longer than ever.  Santa has thousands of elves at work.  The elves are involved in numerous activities, such as making and packing toys, tracking the weather, maintaining the naughty-and-nice list, taking care of the reindeer and maintaining the sleigh.  But with the huge population growth and the shortage of qualified elf workers, the North Pole was facing disaster.   Santa had no choice but to succumb to technology and computerize part of the toy production and maintenance of the naughty-and-nice list.    


The elves still made the toys and were experts in their field, but on a very rare occasion a toy that wasn’t quite perfect would slip through.   One of the areas that had been computerized was Quality Assurance.   After a toy was complete it was put onto a conveyor belt which ran them through a highly sophisticated sorting scanner called H.S.S.S short for Highly Sophisticated Sorting Scanner.  H.S.S.S. determines which direction the toy will go on the Quality Assurance Belt called Q.A.B.   Different toys have different mechanisms to make them work and have to be tested in different ways.   If the Toy was activated by a push button then it would be directed to the robotic finger push,   if it was voice activated it would be sent to the computerized speaker and so on.   The former quality assurance elves had either been promoted to fore-elves in charge of Q.A.B. or those with technical aptitude were sent to computer school so that they could maintain H.S.S.S and the robot arms and components.

On the very rare occasion that a toy was faulty, lights would go off and a buzzer would ring and a fore-elf would run over and gently retrieve the toy.   It was then labeled and carefully put into a special cottage at the North Pole.   These special toys were marked T.I.N.S.E.L. for Toys In Need of Special Elfin Love. During the busy season there was no time to repair these toys but they would be lovingly reworked the following year.  Nothing went to waste.

There had been an unusually large number of toys that didn’t make the grade this year and the T.I.N.S.E.L. cottage was quite full.   Santa was concerned and had called a meeting of the elves admonishing them to be more careful, but none of the elves felt that they had done anything wrong.

The elves responsible for the toys in the cottage were Jedadi Sneaky-Pants, Happy Mc Jingles and Cinnamon Sparkle.  

Lately, there have been a number of unusual incidents that have occurred surrounding the T.I.N.S.E.L. cottage, including the untimely demise of Jedadi Sneaky-Pants and E.L.F. the Elfin Legal Force was called in.    Besides Santa, there is no other agency that makes Elf legislation and the rulings of the Yule Elfin Court are final.    E.L.F. is headed by Skipper Bo Ty with second in command Holly Sugar-Socks. 

E.L.F. has also been investigating what appears to be the sabotage of H.S.S.S.    And to make matters even worse, E.L.F. has uncovered a plot to thwart Christmas.  They discovered that Jedadi Sneaky-Pants had been working on a devious plan to keep Santa from delivering toys to the good girls and boys and may have enlisted the help of others.

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