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“NO!”, bellowed Bernardo Frankenstein “my daughter will NOT marry a fang”!  Ultimately, Bernardo acquiesced to his daughter, Maria’s incessant pleadings.   The Bolts and the Fangs are two Extraordinaire organizations who have feuded for years over business and prestige in Salem, Massachusetts.   Bernardo and Biff Dracula, leaders of the groups, came to a truce.   Maria would wed Tony on Delusion Island, the world’s most luxurious tropical hideaway owned, operated and visited exclusively by Extraordinaires.
The wedding holiday is to be held on a tropical island beginning with a rehearsal dinner for the wedding party.   The ceremony promises to be the event of the decade with every Extraordinaire worth notoriety on the invitation list.   As you may suspect, not all monsters agreed with the accord.
Someone is planning to stop the nuptials, AT ANY COST!

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