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We Write Uncommon Parties for Uncommon People

In a fast paced world where you can buy anything at a click of a button and there is so much to choose from, why select our Mystery Wizards’ Murder Mystery and Theme Parties?

We have been writing, hosting and acting in “one of kind” events for over 40 years, from unique adult Murder Mystery and Themed parties to children’s role playing games.   We have taken our game players from the medieval times to the North Pole and to Hades and back (yep we had one that had a warm theme).    After experiencing many different types of mystery parties, both as guests and hosts we have concluded that the most entertaining parties were the ones where the participants were free to mingle and question all the characters involved to gain the necessary information to solve the mystery.  We think that you will find this style to be more natural in the way that it frees your guests of cumbersome rules and pre-written speeches. 

We provide character profiles and confidential clues and occasionally might prompt a character to perform a certain action but there are no scripts to read and they are free to question each other at will.     We quite often combine a sleuthing format with a puzzle or two.   The murderer does not know they are the murderer.  They get to play along and keep a straight face without giving anything away.   The host is free to play along and solve the mystery with their guests if they chose.

Your guests will visually enjoy our outstanding printed materials which are available through a quick download. Our invitations and character profiles are available in both postal and email formats.    Take a look at our sample product on the party page.

Typically, our murder mysteries are structured where the murder has already been committed and the characters are getting together for some reason after the fact.  At the party there may be a staged crime scene, police report or autopsy report to help them familiarize themselves with the actual evil deed.

Our parties are designed in three stages

  • Meet and Greet – This is usually the time when appetizers and beverages are served and the characters are free to walk around and try to glean information from the other characters.  They will all have clues to share and the more they converse the better chance they will have at solving the mystery.

  • Dinner and Discovery – Dinner is served, whether buffet or formal.   The guests will be arranged at the tables so that they have an opportunity to investigate even further.    There is a person of authority (usually one of the hosts) that will preside and question the characters to help bring out their possible motives, their means and possible opportunities to have committed the crime.    This is also the time when evidence like police and autopsy reports are presented. After dinner the guests, aided with new information are free once again to question their fellow characters and look at any evidence that will be available for them to see.

  • Sweets and Reveal – Over dessert, the guests will fill out “Sleuth” cards and turn in to the hosts for review.   The person of authority will then go over the clues and expose the murderer(s).  The more dramatic the better!!!          Finally the winner of the mystery is announced and certificates are handed out.“The Sherlock Award”, “Snazzy Dresser” and “Academy Winner” are always included (some parties have additional awards).

We want your party to be a success and will provide all of the following in the form of downloadable printable documents complete with clear and concise instructions.   The complete Host Guide is available on the party page    Want to skip the work?  No worry we also sell boxed sets.

We firmly believe that once you have played one of our Mystery Wizards’ games that you will be back again and again for more.

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