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Terror In Toytown Characters - 8 Character Version

Toytown Party Cast

BAZOOKA BOB – A perfect addition to the Baseball Legends action figure collection, this highly detailed figure features three-time All-Star and 2015 Very Fast Ball winner Bazooka Bob.  No previous player has thrown a pitch with the velocity of this one. Figure comes with iconic Blue and white uniform and hat.   Pull the string on Bazooka Bob’s wrist band and he winds up for a fast ball.     Also included are a baseball and bat.

DR. JEKYLL – Complete your  Horror Legends collection with one of the scariest Doctors around.  The glass ceiling has been broken and this powerful  action figure is a remake of the legendary Dr. Jekyll.  This special-edition figure comes with interchangeable Dr. Jekyll and Dr. Hyde heads, alternate hands, and a cape.  Voice activated, the character will respond alternately as the Doctor or the monster when addressed by name.   Dr. Jekyll's chemistry set is included.

GARGANTUAN GUARDIAN - The Gargantuan Guardian figure is tougher and stronger than ever before, and ready for action.   Each figure has the cool Guardian style, as seen in the TV series, making it stand out from the rest of the pack!   Gargantuan not only has the ability to reach to super human sizes, but is voice activated and whenever he hears the words “Go Guardian he crosses his arms and spins to reach his maximum size to help in the fight against evil  villains that would endanger the population.   Crafted with great detail and quality, kids and collectors can play or display their favorite Guardian figures in their own environment to recreate scenes where good always prevails over evil!

HOLLY SUGAR-SOCKS - Holly is second in command of E.L.F. the Elfin Legal Force and takes charge when Skipper Bo Ty is away.    Holly is a cracker jack elfvestigator and can smell a rotten apple in the bunch as easily as catching the aroma of Mrs. Santa’s apple pie.    If there is anything that gets Holly’s ears a twitter is the thought of an anti-Christmas Elf and she is determined to find whoever is responsible for trying to thwart Christmas.

JEDADI SNEAKY-PANTS - Jedadi was previously one of the Quality Assurance Elves.  He had studied very hard in Elf Computer Tech to learn the H.S.S.S system, short for Highly Sophisticated Sorting Scanner, but was passed over for that job and was a fore-elf on the QA line.   All jobs are considered equal at Santa’s Workshop, but Jedadi was bitter that he had not gotten a computer job. Because of the high number of T.I.N.S.E.L. Toys this season, help was needed at the cottage and Jedadi was transferred.

JUJITSU JUDY - Active sports doll is ready to compete!  Each Jujitsu Judy doll is made to move with  22 "joints" -- in the neck, upper arms, elbows, wrists, torso, hips, upper legs, knees AND ankles -- for lots of flexibility and an incredible range of movement!   The expert black belt is dressed in a career-themed outfit and comes with accessories that add to the storytelling.    Press the button on her shoulder and Judy take a martial arts stance to karate chop a breakable board which is included.

SKIPPER BO TY - Skipper Ty is first in command of E.L.F. the Elfin Legal Force.    As High Uppity E.L.F. Bo serves as Sheriff, Judge and Prison Guard at the North Pole.  His last arrest and conviction was the Peppermint Ring gang for stealing Mrs. Claus’ cookies during the 2001 millennium party.  The cookies were never recovered but Bo was able to convince himself of the rings’ guilt by the crumbs and chocolate found on their faces and hands.  Lately it’s been fairly quiet at the North Pole but Santa can count on Skipper Ty to set matters right whenever something goes awry in the village.

VALERIE VOODOO - Valerie Voodoo is one of the most popular characters in the Magic Around the World Series.  In a world where magic is hard to find Valerie is here to give it away.   Dressed as an authentic witchdoctor, this character dances wildly with her staff/wand and can bestow special powers to those around her.    She is activated by a pull string in her necklace.   Valerie can’t be a witch doctor all the time so she also comes with a city slicker outfit when she needs to blend in.

WRANGLE RITA - Inspired by the powerful students of We Are Really Cool High this action figure is ready for powerful fun. The Wrangle Rita action figure is highly articulated for powerful posing and creative storytelling.  Molded in durable plastic, the natural leader can take on Super Hero stunts and portable play. Plus, she looks ready for action dressed in her signature outfit, with iconic accessory details, like wrist cuffs and her powerful lasso.  Press the button on her wrist and Wrangle Rita twirls her lasso above her head ready to capture bad guys.

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