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Under the Ocean World had sent away six of their star dolphins for a much-needed vacation.    Everything at Dolphin Play Grotto was perfect until five of the six dolphins disappeared overnight.   The only clue to their whereabouts lies with the youngest dolphin, Harriet.   Unfortunately, Harriet can’t tell any of the crew members at Dolphin Play Grotto where the missing dolphins are.   The only chance anyone has to find the missing cetaceans is to enlist the help of River, the world’s only dolphin whisperer.   Will River be able to solve the mystery and find the missing dolphins? 

River the Dolphin Whisperer has been contacted by Under the Ocean World to help find five missing dolphins.   The first task is to decipher a message left by Harriet the youngest dolphin.  From there our hero(s) will be sent to different areas of Dolphin Play Grotto to speak with the resort’s team members and solve several puzzles to find the missing dolphins.   

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