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After the Energy war ravaged most buildings and eliminated all sources of electricity, we found that once again we were reliant on steam as our only source of energy.  Ever so resilient, the human race persevered and has rebuilt and created many of the inventions of the past using solely the energy available.

Throughout all of history the rich have gotten richer; those in the right place at the right time have made their fortunes.  The billionaire “Reg” remains shrouded in mystery, hiding behind a web of corporate shell companies.  Very little is known about “Reg”, not a real name, a birthplace or even gender.  Even the few pictures that have been found always show the billionaire in costume.  Many have speculated that “Reg” is short for Rail Regent.  Rumor has it that Reg has always had a passion for steam trains and the one very public thing that the recluse does is own and operate a refurbished luxurious steam train called the Mystic Wind that runs monthly from Schenectady  to Penn Station, New York.   


Tickets are acquired through lottery and only the wealthiest of aristocrats count themselves among the fortunate to have taken the ride.  Reg has never made a personal appearance on any of these rides.  The fact that a small group of seemingly unrelated strangers should receive tickets with the promise of meeting Reg is an honor that is unprecedented.   But there is no doubt of authenticity; all of the tickets have been stamped with the distinctive signet ring that never leaves Reg’s finger.

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