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Screaming Steam Characters

WINNIFRED GLASS – One could call her a Femme Fatale, but seduction is not the only weapon in Winnifred’s arsenal to achieve her goals.   She is meticulous in dress and deed, with impeccable manners.   Harking from the South, she has elevated southern charm to an Olympic sport.  She is always complimentary and men and women alike are willing to do her bidding to be on the receiving end of her favor.  There are always exceptions, but Winnifred never accepts no as an answer and one way or the other she will get her way.   Woe be it to the individual that sees her ever present smile fade.

DEMETRIUS FAIRBEARD – This aristocrat comes from money that may be older than written history.  He is quite charming, most often appearing in dapper suit and top hat, but is nothing short of a chameleon and is equally comfortable in farmer’s attire.   Whether smiling or frowning, his eyes portray intelligence as he continually surveys his surroundings.  Early on in Demetrius’ life he decided that riches could not replace excitement and this self-proclaimed sleuth travels the world from Bangkok to Antarctica in search of a mystery.   Fearless, with no regard for danger he is always looking for a new challenge.


ARABELLA GIFFORD - “No thank you” is the curt, yet polite reply proffered by Arabella Gifford to anyone offering her help of any kind.  Self-assured and fearless she quickly accesses the circumstances in any new surrounding and mentally prepares for all possibilities.  She fancies herself an adventurer, her reason for being is to boldly go where no one has gone before; to experience new things; and to discover new places.   Quick witted, Arabella is most at home in a tavern with a pint laughing at a joke.  But make no mistake, this woman pretties up with the best of them.


SOLOMON BADGER - Every room is immediately charged with energy with Captain Solomon Badger walks in.   His confidence and dashing looks are tempered only by an earnest innocence causing men to salute and women to swoon.  A career military man like his father and his father’s father before him, he commands respect by showing respect to his country and all the inhabitants he has sworn to protect.    Solomon, barely a man when the Voltage wars began is quick to smile but his eyes betray a dark sorrow caused by having seen too much and something else much more elusive.


CHLOE TREMAINE – “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die” a strange motto for someone seemingly as innocent as Chloe, she is truly an enigma.   She is polite with fastidious manners and disdains any form of aggression or violence.  She is always smiling and appears carefree.  Decked in lace, ribbons and gloves, dear Chloe presents the embodiment of virtue; a picture that is soon dispelled by the distinct aura of danger that she emits.  One wonders if her Lolita persona is not a cover for something more sinister.


PHINEAS “PHIN” COBB – Phin Cobb is a walking arsenal, a street fighter in his youth he found his calling after the war as a hunter.  He won’t take on just any job and a hunter with integrity quite often goes hungry.  Phin is continually looking for that one big score which he knows lies around the next corner. Usually smiling, his devil may care attitude and contagious laugh quite often makes him the life of any party.   But don’t be lulled into complacency; in a flash his hair trigger can turn him into the scourge.

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