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It is 2018 in Salem, Massachusetts and monsters walk among us.  Over the centuries monsters have developed the ability to appear as ordinary as humans and refer to themselves as Extraordinaires, often calling themselves XOs for expediency. Two Extraordinaire organizations, the Bolts led by Bernardo Frankenstein and the Fangs led by Riff Dracula have despised each other for years.    Their feud became insignificant when Tony, a member of the Fangs met Maria Frankenstein, Bernardo’s daughter at a dance.     The two fell in love at first sight and are to be married.     These are civilized times and the rival organizations agreed to set aside their animosities, creating an accord so young love may flourish.    
    Delusion Island, the world’s most luxurious hideaway has been chosen as the setting for the celebration.   The insanely beautiful tropical resort is owned and operated by Extraordinaires and gives the guests freedom to let their hair down and green complexions glow as their hidden identities can be expressed openly.   A rehearsal dinner will be held the evening before the ceremony for the wedding party, casual tropical attire allowed.   The Frankensteins have spared no expense for the extravagant wedding and guests from both Extraordinaire groups are planning on attending.   The gifts have been pouring in, including an exquisite ice sculpture from Yeti himself.  
    Could this union be the end to the monster’s feud?   There have been rumors that Extraordinaires from both organizations are against the truce and of a conspiracy to thwart it.
    This party is designed to be hosted by the Bernardo Frankenstein, leader of the Bolts and Father of the Bride and his lovely wife Anita Frankenstein, Mother of the Bride.   Has parents of the bride, the Frankensteins are hosting the wedding and rehearsal dinner.  During the standard “Meet and Greet” one of the hosts will be charged with reading a short missive about rules of the game.  During “Dinner and Discovery” one or both hosts will help facilitate the investigation.  And finally during “The Sweet Reveal” after the guest’s Sleuth Cards have been tallied, Bernardo will read the Reveal.

Horror Takes a Holiday Murder Mystery [8-Character] Download

    • Download file is an 11 Megabyte ZIP file.
    • The unzipped directory structure is 12.1 Megabytes.
    • You will need a minimum of 23.1 MB of free space to download and unzip the file. 
    • After unzipping the file it can be removed freeing up 11 MB of space. 
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