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Pre Party:

  • Host Guide – This guide will take you step by step through the party planning from sending out initial invitations to handing out award certificates at the end of the mystery.  

  • Host Checklist – Make sure everything is done and ready for success.

  • Printing Guide – Complete instructions for printing the various pieces of the puzzle.

  • Invite to main character - This is to be given to child or children that will be playing the game.

  • Handbook - This booklet, given to the character before the game, contains fun facts and puzzles to acquaint the character to the quest before the game begins.

  • Character Profiles - Short character profiles for the secondary guests.


Party Time:

  • Name Tags – These can be printed on your choice of material.

  • Games and Puzzles - These represent the series of quests that the character will perform to solve the mystery.

  • Graphics and signs to help set the mood for the game.

  • Certificates - Award certificates.

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