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Our children mysteries are designed to be fun yet challenging.   They incorporate a variety of games and activities, some of which are meant to be done by the children and some that are interactive with adult’s help.   The game starts by the child playing the lead character receiving a letter inviting them to accomplish a task.  In the case of The Dolphin Whisperer, they are charged with speaking to the remaining dolphin, Harriet to help find her friends.  They are also given the Dolphin Whisperer’s Handbook, filled with fun facts, games to play and more importantly hints to solve the tasks of the game.   When the game begins, they embark on a series of quests leading to clues, solving the mystery.

The Dolphin Whisperer has two main characters: River, the Dolphin Whisperer and  Memphis, the lead dolphin trainer intended to be played by the Host.  There are 4 other characters, but they can be played by one person, so this game can be played with few as 2 people or .  Each of the secondary characters involved is provided with a short Character Profile.    The game can be simple or as complex as you wish by adding decorations and costumes and playing around a meal.

There is a game schedule provided so the game can be accomplished quickly or take a couple of hours, whichever you choose..

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