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Financial mogul Winston Arbuckle III controlled many of the players but from behind the scenes.  No one dared make a move without his approval.  His world had become a giant chess game with the people of Hollywood, his pawns.   His only weakness was Johanna his beautiful Rockettes turned actress wife.

The crème de la crème had attended the birthday party Winston threw for Johanna at their luxurious estate.  It was a celebration replete with only the finest beverages and food, interrupted when Winston collapsed in front of his guests while delivering his birthday speech to his wife.  Winston Arbuckle III was dead and the authorities were called.  When the police arrived the party was once again interrupted, this time by a blood curdling scream.  The corpse had been discovered by his wife Johanna with an arrow protruding from his back.

All of the guests were suspects, the grieving wife arrested and then released.  The murderer among them was never found and none of the guests were remorseful about Winston’s death that ended his manipulation.  Or so they thought.


One year later Winston is still controlling their lives from the dead by stipulating in his Will that all the guests that celebrated Johanna’s birthday be in attendance for the reading.  What secrets will surface?  Will the murderer finally be discovered?

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