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We Write Uncommon Parties for Uncommon People

We have been writing, hosting and acting in “one of kind events” for over 40 years, from unique adult Murder Mystery and other Themed Party Games to children’s role playing games.   After experiencing many different types of mystery party games, both as guests and hosts we have concluded that the most entertaining parties were the ones where the participants were free to mingle and question all the characters involved to gain the necessary information to solve the mystery.  We think that you will find this style to be more natural in the way that it frees your guests of cumbersome rules and pre-written speeches.   You and your guests will visually enjoy our outstanding printed materials (a sample is available on the party page).    The Host Guide provides step by step instructions to assure your party will be a success (the complete Host Guide is available on the party page).   We firmly believe that once you have played one of our Mystery Wizards’ games that you will be back again and again for more.

Available here are Murder Mystery Dinner Party Games for Download and for Box Set Purchase.

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