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Year 2056, and the world has been forever changed!   After the Voltage War we find ourselves reliant once again on steam as our only source of energy.  The work force has been transformed. Once successful business men find themselves delegated to menial work and those with adventurous or military inclinations are high in demand.  Ever so creative, the human race has rebuilt and created many of the inventions of the past using solely the energy available.
A very select group of strangers with no apparent connection to each other have mysteriously received tickets to ride on a luxurious steam train owned by the elusive billionaire known only as “Reg”.  The luxury liner leaves the depot promptly without incident.  There are refreshments in abundance and the excitement builds.  
Until the first stop …..  Then the Screaming begins.

Screaming Steam Steampunk Murder Mystery Party [6-Character] Box_Set

  • Refunds for Box Sets are available upon return of the unopened product.  Buyer is responsible for shipping costs of returned items.


  • Pre Party:

    • Host Guide – This guide will take you step by step through the party planning from sending out initial invitations to handing out award certificates at the end of the mystery.  
    • Schedule of the Party – Pre-Party and Party schedule of To Do’s and Events.
    • Host Checklist – Make sure everything is done and ready for success.
    • Host Tips – To set the mood, we provide meal ideas, tips for decorating, costume ideas, music choices etc., quite often with internet links.
    • Printing Guide – Complete instructions for printing the various pieces of the puzzle.
    • Invitations - These will also include an rsvp with guest participation ratings (to help you match your guests to the characters).  Note:  ALL documentation that is to be sent to your guests will be provided in both mailing and emailing formats.  Some people enjoy the tactile sense of sending and receiving physical mail, while others prefer the ease of email.
    • Character Selection Guide – This guide will help you match the most prominent characters with the guests that are most anxious to participate.
    • Character Booklets - Extensive character backgrounds are provided to help your guests “get in character”.  This booklet also includes a list of the other characters attending and basic rules of the game.
    • Pre-party Clues – Secrets to send to your guests to keep them excited about attending the party.

    Party Time:

    • Name Tags – These can be printed on your choice of material.
    • Confidential Booklets – The game’s afoot, this information will provide other character’s motives and clues to be shared during the Meet and Greet.
    • Introduction – Read when the guests arrive to go over rules of the game.
    • Evidence Presentation – A guide for the Person of Authority to present the known evidence to the guests.
    • Evidence – All the necessary reports, etc. that have been presented for display.
    • Audio File – Some of the parties have audio clues that need to be presented.
    • Sleuth Cards – Solution cards to be turned in.
    • Sleuth Worksheets – A worksheet that helps the guests keep track of motive, means, opportunity and clues.
    • Reveal – A complete guide for the Person of Authority to present all of the evidence, systematically removing the innocent suspects and finally revealing the murderer(s).
    • Certificates - “The Sherlock Award”, “Snazzy Dresser” and “Academy Winner” and any other depending on the party.
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